An introduction to MIAMI JOUVERT


South Florida was introduced to the true Jouvert  (pronounced  ju-vay) concept in the form of Miami Jouvert in 2002 with just over 700 Caribbean-Americans dancing until the sun came up to pulsating Caribbean rhythms while covered in body paint.  Miami Jouvert has, since, outgrown three venues and boasts almost 3,000 patrons at each production.

Jouvert’s roots can be traced back the island of Trinidad following the emancipation of slavery in 1838.  Newly emancipated Africans were now free to not only participate in Carnival (brought to the island by French settlers) but mimic lost traditions of painting their bodies in elaborate colors for celebratory purposes.

Format: Similar to the Jouverts that dominate Carnival in just about every Caribbean Island, “Miami Jouvert” is a Caribbean dance party that features thousands of people covered in unlimited body paint, powder and water moving to the most popular international djs spinning soca, calypso, reggae, top 40 and dance music.

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